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3 Effective Tips to Improve Your Dating Profile

Online dating is huge nowadays and if you haven't tried it to find a partner, you might be missing out. Things are not as they were some years ago - the trend is now accepted by most people and many have successfully found partners for all sorts of purposes: marriage, one night stands, hook ups, and friendships. But even today, sceptics abound. There are those that just aren't convinced that online dating sites actually can work for them. That’s understandable considering that many have set up accounts and haven't managed to get anything that remotely promises success.

The reasons for failure are varied, but the most prominent one is poor communication. One of your first chance to communicate your wants and offerings is through your profile. This single aspect of your online dating efforts could be the one that is blocking the light at the end of your tunnel. Here are three tips to help you get the most effective online dating profile.

1. Be honest

Dishonesty can seem enticing at times. It might appear to be a means of enhancing your chances of getting that man or woman of your dreams. Although everyone has their weak points, no-one really is eager to expose them to the whole world, especially where something like a romantic relationship is at stake. It just seems logical to do all you can to get the one you want, even lie, right?

Wrong! Dishonesty may get you a perfect score in your history exams, or it might help you snatch that promotion from Sally. But when it comes to online dating, you have to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Common ways in which you might be tempted to lie on your profile include pictures, age, and the activities that surround your life. But even if you were to manage to reel one in with your bait, be prepared for the shortest love story in the book.

Use natural pictures. It might be, or preferably has to be a professionally taken picture, but avoid photoshopping it. And use current photos. Dusting your 7-year-old picture taken when your skin was less wrinkled and you weighed your best will attract people that are after just that - a past version of you. But unless you have a time machine, that is just an exercise in futility.

Make sure you state your real age. You might be of the ‘age is just a number’ variety, and that it might be. But at least let it be a real number.

When it comes to your activities: hobbies, job, interests, talents, weaving a fake personality will give you bubble romantic opportunities that may not survive beyond the first date. Reading horror novels, playing video games, fooling around with computers… whatever your hobbies are, you would do well to state them to paint a real picture of yourself and genuinely attract the right people.

2. Keep it Positive

Adulthood is full of unpalatable times. The fast approaching rent payment, the failed attempts at education, a string of horribly failed relationships, debts, and a job that adds a wrinkle to your face every time you think about it for more than a minute. It's basically 70 percent rain and 30 percent sunshine, and everyone is looking for all the sunshine they can get. If your profile is one sad gloomy story, it keeps visitors clicking back.

No need to mention how every person you have been with is a jerk and you are just looking for someone to treat you right. There is no gain in exposing your gloomy outlook on life. Be positive. Put out those bright vibes.

3. Keep it Brief

Yes, you want to send a clear message, effective communication and all. But your profile is by no means your autobiography or your wishing well. Be succinct. It should be long enough to paint a foundational picture of you, and brief enough to arouse curiosity. Your religious views, your political opinions should have little room on your profile. If those are important to you, there are niche sites that cater to every sort of religion, political idea, and more.