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4 Reasons to Date a Single Dad

Are you looking for a man but have cancelled out single dads from your potential mates? If you have, you might be actually keeping some of the best relationship material men away. Single dads might be among the most loving and selfless men there are. Having a kid can change men, and if they’ve actually raised one or two by themselves, there can be serious shifts in the way they interact with the world around them. Of course, not every single dad is good to be in a relationship with, or even a friend of. But if the man has actually held his family together and doing fine with the kid raising, you can expect good relationship material.

Here are some reasons why you might want to date a  single dad

He Will Likely Not Push Things

Of course, that's not to say he won't make any effort to get the relationship running. But have you ever given a guy some time to have a simple coffee only for them to tail you for weeks, trying to get you to hang out with them? That can be annoying, especially if there's just no way in a thousand years you would be with them. Chances are, that was not a single dad.

Why? A single dad will not have time to spend just bothering you for nights out when he has a kid or two to take care of. He will not be some bored dude that spends all his days in front of a laptop. There's just so much on his plate. You can expect things to move comfortably slowly because you won't be the centre of his world suddenly.

He is No Longer Self-Centred

One of the definitions of a jerk might well be a guy who thinks he's the centre of the world. It can be a very off-putting trait, and it is one you will likely not find in a single dad. Raising kids alone shows the dad that the world is not all about him. The fact that they have some little people whose survival depends on them opens their eyes to the idea of giving, not just resource but, perhaps even more importantly, time, understanding and tolerance, and more. They have someone they have to think about other than themselves, which all plays out well for you when you come into her lives.

You can also expect single dads to be great listeners. Isn't that one of the biggest complaints ladies make? That men do not know how to listen? Well, a couple of years having to listen to his kids may have built a more listening man. 

He Won’t Shirk Responsibility

One trait that men constantly fall short on is the sense of responsibly. But those little hands and feet have a way of making a man more responsible. There he is changing the diapers, cleaning up after the kids have messed up, and other stuff that he normally would hate. 10 months of doing this and you have a whole new responsible father.

It’s not just in terms of diapers and cleaning up. Single dads cultivate a certain financial maturity. They have to have the money one way or another and that means taking their work seriously and spending what they earn wisely. A single dad who is looking after his kids and doing a good job of that will most likely have his life together.

He Is Going Long-Term

One reason single dads take it slow is that they want to make sure the person they are introducing into their kids’ lives is the right one. That's because allowing the kids to intimately know someone then lose her suddenly may not be the best thing for them. That is why most single dads are looking for serious relationship, especially if they introduce you to their kids. The fact that he has seen so much value in you that he has decided to let you be in his kids lives is another way of knowing this guy loves and respects you.