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7 Reasons Why Rebound Relationships are a Bad Idea

If you have ever experienced a breakup then you must know that it can be hell. Transitioning from being in a loving relationship to being single isn’t an easy task. The relationship does not even have to have been a great one for that matter. Even if it was an abusive one, in which case leaving is always the best thing to do, picking up your broken pieces can be tough.

As a human, you need love and companionship. This is why most are willing to try again and again even after several failures at romance. But whenever a relationship ends, there are accompanying feelings of less self-esteem, as well as the discomfort of being lonely.

That is why most people quickly jump into another one called a Rebound Relationship. This is when you get into another relationship immediately after an old one without mentally and emotionally processing your break up, without preparing for a new one. In most cases, this only leads to more hurt and such relationships seldom last.

Here are 6 reasons why a rebound relationship is such a bad idea.

1. No time for reflection

Things happen for a reason. Your relationship cannot just fail without certain actions, words, and thoughts leading to the breakup. By quickly jumping into a new one, you deny yourself the chance to reflect upon what led to the crumbling of your old relationship.

Are you the one in the wrong because of something you did? Or where there some signs you overlooked that might have warned of a possible break up in the near future? What are you supposed to change about yourself to make the next one work? These are all important questions. Unfortunately, you will not be able to answer them if you jump into a rebound relationship.


2. It’s Easy to Be Taken Advantage of

During this time, you are not at your emotional best and this leaves you open to vultures. Yes, there are people, especially men, that will manipulate a woman they know is in the rebound stage. These know that it won’t last but will gladly take what they can and happily leave you when the time inevitably comes.

3. Sometimes it is all out of revenge

If you were on the receiving end of a messy breakup, a rebound relationship might be one easy way of ‘showing’ your ex. You are feeling hurt, broken, and you feel your worth has been compromised. With your current mental state, it is easy to engage in wild dangerous behavior that could put your life at risk.

4. You are Not Yourself

With all your emotions in a mess and you mental state in turmoil, who are you really at the time? It is hard to be yourself and when you enter into a rebound relationship, you definitely go in with a fake personality. To make sure you actually get into the relationship, you will present a very pleasant façade because at that point you are hurt and are in desperate need of comfort. But, with time, your original self shows up and if the other person does not like you, more hurt follows.

5 It gives you a bad name

Hoping form one relationship into the next does not do justice to your reputation. Usually, the one who quickly gets with another is seen as the culprit in the breakup even though the opposite might be the truth. You appear less committed and that can be off-putting. People who might have otherwise been interested in you may write you off.

6. You Eliminate Any Chance of Getting Back With Your Ex

Breakups are not always permanent. They can be a great way to see things from a different perspective, enabling you to come back even stronger than ever before. But what happen if you get into a rebound relationship? You completely bury an otherwise great relationship just for temporary emotional solace.

While rebound relationships can be a short-term way of dealing with a break up, things do not pan out well in the end. The best way to handle a break up is to process everything mentally and emotionally. That way, you will be able to get into a new relationship with better knowledge of yourself and how to handle different situations. Once you have healed, you can try your luck with lots of people online or otherwise. There are some looking to date someone exactly like you.