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7 Reasons You Might Want to Date an Older Woman

Most men would say they prefer to be with a younger woman. That is quite common. But being with an older woman also has its benefits and most men enjoy it these days. Years back, it was some kind of taboo but today it is perfectly normal and many men are doing it.

Here is some reason why you might want to date and an older woman.

1. They know what they want

It is normal for young women to not know what they want in life because, well, they're young just like the guys. They are uncertain about where they would like to live their lives, uncertain about their careers, and uncertain about who they want and what they want in them. 

Older women, on the other hand, have seen enough to know what directions to take. If they choose to be with you, then it is you they want. They know not to waste your and their time. They know that trying to turn you into who they would like you to be is an exercise in futility.

2. They’re more appreciative of relationships

What makes older women appreciative of relationships is that they have realised just how hard it is to find someone good to be with. Younger women are prone to the ‘Oh look, shiny stuff’ syndrome. With all the attention they get, it is easy for them to think there are greener pastures elsewhere.

A woman with endless options might drop you An older woman will be more compromising, knowing it is a necessary part of the relationship

3. They’re better in bed

A mature woman will most likely be more experienced in bed than you, showing you sexual encounters a younger woman cannot. Of course, not every older woman will be great in bed but most will be.

4. You can learn more from her

An older woman has had experiences in her life that you can learn from. She'll have more experience with relationships and dating as well as life in general. You will get a new perspective on from her. Of course, you can learn from young women as well. But, in most cases, an older woman will have more to show you.

5. They have their own lives

When you date a young woman, all her friends will have a say in your relationship. Especially when you're just starting out, she will first have to check with her friends before she does anything. Older women do have close friends, but they are more willing to just do what they want in spite of what their friends think.

6. They are usually independent

She has her own career, her own apartment, and her own money. She does not need you, she wants you. It is great to know that someone wants you for you and not for your money or that roof over their head. A financially independent woman will not give you financial pressure and will inspire you to get your own finances right.

But her independence is more than just financial. Instead of having to text all day and expect a fight just because you didn't pick up one call, you can bet she can be by herself because, once again, she wants you and can actually breathe outside of you.

You still have to understand that this is not a mother-son relationship. The woman is not exactly looking for a boy. While you are young, you still have to be a mature man. You still have to be an interesting person. She wants a witty, energetic person who is able to think for themselves and handle their business.