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8 Habits of Long-Lasting Couples

Do you ever get envious of people that manage to stay together years after getting into a relationship? It's not just the staying together that is amazing, the happiness that these seem to find in each other after such lengths of time is equally amazing. Somehow, they still manage to keep the spark alive for years when others let it die after a few months. Since things do not just happen without a cause, could there be some things that the successful couples do that the others don't?

It turns out that there are, and you can do them too. Here are 8 things you can do to make your relationship last longer.

1. Don't ignore the little things

The little details can be tricky. They might seem so trivial and yet over time, they can be devastating to your relationship. On the other hand, they can also enhance and strengthen the both of you as a couple when paid attention to. It's the little things like the compliments, random flowers, little gift surprises, etc., that strengthen the underlying fabric holding your relationship.

Buy her some flowers unexpectedly or surprising him with dinner. These are some things people do when the relationship is just starting. It is just a matter of doing them more. 

2. Appreciate each other's efforts

We tend to do more of the things that people notice and show appreciation for. It is simply encouraging and makes you want to do more. Imagine going out of your way to please your partner only to be greeted with indifference. That would suck.

And it is not just the big things. As earlier stated, even small details make a large difference. Whenever you notice something small yet sweet from your partner, make sure you show them that you have noticed and appreciate them. 

3. Forgive and Forget

If you have a heart of stone that keeps track of every little wrongdoing done to you, you might as well forget about finding love and having a long-term relationship. People are not perfect and as such will make mistakes. Sometimes these may even be deliberate, and they might hurt a little or even quite a lot. Letting go of these is a sign of love and it will make you sail together, longer.

Do not just forgive. Be sure to forget as well. This means never bringing up your partners faults in the future. This does not mean ignoring the piling signs that your partner is, say cheating on you. I do not even tolerate your partner's abuse. Be smart about it.

4. Utilise every chance you make body contact

Hold hands when you walk, surprise yourselves with hugs from behind, kiss each other cheeks when appropriate This will make you all the more comfortable and much closer to each other

5. Try to match your sleeping habits

You cannot entirely control what time you fall asleep or wake up, but you can decide what time you go to bed. If you can both do this at the same time, you may not even feel yourselves getting closer to each other but it will definitely happen. That chat time before you sleep can be an intimate time.

6. Build common interests

It is impossible to have all common interests. Fortunately, it is not necessary at all. All you have to do is cultivate a few and that is not exactly necessary - unless you both really are from Mars and Venus. It is not that hard to sit and watch the other person's favourite show or join in on their favourite crafts, just assisting.

8. Remember to say 'I love you' and wish them a good day in the morning.

Reminding your partner that you love them reinforces the fact in their minds and makes them more secure and loved, and saying something as caring as have a good day in the morning shows that you do care about them.