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8 Things That Ruin Your Chances at Getting Women

The early days of a budding relationship can be as much fun as they can be anxiety-inducing. There is no telling what direction things will take and this makes everything more exciting. But even though different people might take different actions differently, some characteristics and actions can be said to be universally unacceptable. Are you just brewing a relationship with a lady? Here are 8 things you should not do to increase the chances of a flourishing relationship.

1. Lack of Hygiene

Hygiene is not something you want to crank up just to improve your dating prospects. It just makes you a more pleasant person in general. But of course your buddies may tolerate your chaotic apartment, push the leftover pizza  the couch, take a seat and just watch a game with you, or whatever you might be doing. A lady, on the other hand, someone you want to start a relationship with, may not take the poor hygiene lightly. Your apathy with your hygiene might mean negligence in other areas too.

2. Trying to Buy Her

Trying to buy a woman you would like to be in a relationship with may do the exact opposite. No woman wants to feel like they are being drawn by material. Even the biggest gold digger won’t be so blatant about it. The gifts may come once the relationship is on, but in the early days, limit them.

3. Looking For Her Approval

Be yourself even if it might hurt your chances of getting her, unless of course, your normal self is a jerk. But then you wouldn’t know would you? It seems counter-intuitive to disagree with a lady you want on anything. Saying yes to everything she suggests and forgetting about your own beliefs might seem to be the way to get closer to a woman. But this is only as far from the truth as it will push the lady away. It shows that you have no ground, no spine, and can’t lead.

4. Being Full of Yourself

Making yourself the centre of our galaxy on account of your past achievements is a no no. Humility is attractive especially if there is a lot to show but you just aren’t announcing it. It also goes to show that you have confidence in yourself and you don’t need the help of whatever you may have done in the past to feel worthy. But perhaps the reason it’s such a turn off is that it goes akin to trying to win her over with your achievements which is superficial. Even though your achievements make you attractive, never put them in her face.

5. Ambitionlessness

No one wants to be part of, well, nothing. You have to have something you are working on, something you would like to see come alive. Everyone wants to watch the adventure of someone fight to bring something to reality, and maybe even lend a hand. Having no ambitions whatsoever makes you one dimensional and boring. Have a vision. It could be something to do with your career, business or even your hobby. But whatever you do always be working towards something.

6. Jealousy

A little jealousy is expected, maybe even healthy for your relationship. But if you overdo it, it will bring you problems and drive your woman away. Trust and love go hand in hand and being at ease in all situations shows that not only do you trust her, but you also trust your value as a man, knowing she wants you and won’t just leave like that. Jealousy shows your insecurity, and the only message this sends is that you don’t deserve her, she could do better.

7. Dishonesty

Everyone appreciates honesty, but women take this even more seriously than men. A trivial lie can be such a turn off as it keeps her wondering just what else might be a false. The main reasons you would want to lie include: to impress her, to dodge trouble, or to not hurt her feelings. But any lady will prefer the truth even if it does not paint you in the best light. If she leaves, so be it. But making her stay with a lie can only work for so long.

8. Being too Broke

Being too broke will make your life hell, the kind of hell no women would love to be with you in unless said woman is some sort of Mother Theresa. There is nothing wrong with that and it has nothing to do with the love of money. You have to have some decent cash flow; not exactly rich, but some source of income before you try to draw any woman into your life.