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Are These 6 Things Killing Your Long Distance Relationship?

14 million couples in the united states say they are in a long distance relationship, and according to StatisticBrain, 40 percent of such fail.

Relationships come with different challenges. It is the meeting of two people with different backgrounds, different tastes, and different values. But once you bring the distance factor into the equation, the rules change quite drastically.

The things that cripple a short-distance relationship might outright destroy a long-distance one. The problem, however, is that when most people go into a long distance relationship, they do so with the wrong approach which soon leaves them with cries of “long-distance relationships just don't work.”

But they have worked for some, and still continue to work for more, and maybe the following 6 things are all you need to work on to make yours work as well.

1. Paying Too Much Attention to Little Things

It’s easy to get caught up in little things like messages that take too long to be returned, unanswered phone calls, etc. But fights over such things should be kept to a minimum. You already have little contact. It would be in your best interest to use that communication for worthwhile things as opposed to trivial battles.

2. Dishonesty

Honesty. Everyone knows it’s right, and everyone loves it in others. But very few are able to be honest through and through. That's because lies sometimes seem to put you at an advantage. They help you dodge consequences, paint you in a much more desirable light, and sometimes even get you things. But all the gains are usually momentary, and the losses are usually way more than the profits.

It's particularly tempting to lie when in a long distance relationship because your partner is not there and won't be for the next so much time. But those that choose this path soon discover that honesty and transparency are more important than fake good impressions.

3. Not Scheduling Communication Times

Communication, via email, or phone calls, or Skype is the lifeline of your relationship. But, if you both have hectic daily schedules, it might be tough to find that common window when you can both spare some time to talk to each other.

This becomes so much worse if you rely on random communication. Random texts and calls are okay, but make sure you also have times for scheduled communication. And these have to be a priority. When it comes to making that Skype call, you  have to make that call… even if the house is on fire.

3. Not Finding More Things to Talk About

Keep your conversations fresh. Do not just ask the same robotic questions with the same robotic responses. Let your communication times be exciting and something to look forward to. Of course, finding new things to talk about with a person you do not see might be harder for some people. But with a little effort, a lot of juicy ones will pop up especially as you get to know this person more.

One way to have endless things to discuss is by watching the same movies, listening to the same music, and reading the same books. Even if you do not like  a show your partner is crazy about, compromise and watch it. After all, how bad can it possibly be? 

4. Missing Chances to Meet

Always jump on anything that looks like a chance to meet, even if it means making some sacrifices. Meeting your partner is the fresh breath of air that brings more life into your relationship. Without these meetings, your relationship is bound to fail.

5. Not Having a Clear Idea of When You Will Get Together

Being in a long distance relationship is great only because, well, you are in a relationship. The ‘long distance’ part is not great at all. It is actually a thing to endure, and, as with anything, it becomes easier to bear when both of you know when it will actually end. ‘Someday we will be together’ is not enough. Is it two years, 6 months, etc? You have to know when you will eventually get together.

6. Using the Same Communication Method

One way to make your long distance relations morbidly boring is by using the same old communication method. Apart from having fresh hot things to talk about, try using different methods. Skype one time, email the next time, texts, and yes, even letters for the sake of novelty. Send a raven or a dove, bottle up a message and let it drift downstream. By all means, use a variety of methods.

These 6 tips will give your long distance relationship a much better chance at survival. So what are you waiting for? Publish your online dating profile and meet someone now.