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Can’t find your date online? Here are Five questions you should ask yourself

The internet has changed the dating game by making people connect with each other easily. Where you had to go to a bar or church to meet someone, all you now have to do is open your smartphone from the comfort of your home or office. Actually, anywhere - even while on the move. But not everyone that has tried online dating has been successful. That's because while the process is a straightforward one, it still has some things people get wrong.

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself seemingly unlucky in the online dating world.

1. Are You Specific Enough?

There are hundreds of profiles flashing past the screens of your potential partners. What do you think makes yours stand out? If you use the same old generic descriptions like 'I just want someone to love' or ' I am a great woman looking for someone who won't cheat', you will drown in the thousands of similarly impotent profiles. Everyone and their aunt are looking for someone to love them or someone who won't cheat on them. That should go without saying. 

Try to bring out the unique you in your profile. State what you want and be more specific than just 'wanting a man or woman'. This will make you show up on the radar of the right people. The importance of an effective profile is so much that people are willing to pay professional online dating profile writers to do the work for them.

Although your profile has to be brief and doesn't have to be a thousand-page bible explaining your likes, dislike, and wants, it still has to be meticulously done. Pay attention to every detail and that includes all your spellings and grammar. Posting butchered grammar will make you appear less serious and it will be an instant pass for most people.

2. Do You Have the Right Picture?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a good one might be worth a man... or woman. Your picture says a thousand words alright, but what message is it exactly sending? Would the message be appealing to the kind of people you are targeting?

Although different trends can be a thing at different times when it comes to profile pics, a few rules stand beneficial to follow at all times. For example, a picture of you smiling is always pleasant to look at - it's not a mug shot. Being with other people in your profile pic is one way to make people pass your profile in a blink. Be alone in the shot, not even your dog should be present.

Invest time in your profile pic and part of that is using a decent camera. Fuzzy photos are an instant turn off for most people. Remember, there are hundreds of others vying for the attention of the same people. No one will spend their time squinting their eyes trying to make out your appearance. Make sure your pic is well-defined. If you are really serious about this, you could use the services of a professional photographer.

3. Are You Enthusiastic in Your Messages?

Don't be a bore from the start. Show that you really want this in the way you communicate during the early days of your interaction. Avoid responding with lazy replies like 'ok', 'yes', 'no', and other (annoying) conversation breakers. It has to be a two-way chat - you want to know about this person as much as they want to know about you. It's not an interrogation.

To show that you are really game, respond to messages promptly. Again, no one will be willing to wait a week for your answer. Log into your account regularly. You should be able to get a notification whenever there is activity on your profile and this should make things easy.

4. Are You Always Waiting For Others to Make the First Move?

Are you always trying to be a princess waiting for your knight to come and rescue you? Or maybe you are a knight shaking in your armour at the thought of contacting ladies? Either way, you won't see any luck with online dating. You have to be willing to get the ball rolling when duty calls. 

5. Do You Wait too Long to Take the Communication Offline

Don't let things linger online for too long. Organise a meet as soon as it becomes appropriate. You may not be the only one your potential partner is talking to and others will get meeting while you keep everything in the air waves. Again, be willing to make the first move towards meeting in person. An early meet has the advantage of quickly showing you if there is any future with your date without having to waste time.