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How to Use Descriptive Words on Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile. It only has to be a few lines long, but in those few words, it has to capture the right picture about you. But finding the right words to describe yourself is not exactly easy, to the point that some people use the services of professional dating profile writers.

Not all words are equal even when they describe the same thing. Some are more forceful than others and provoke more responses in readers. What kind of words are you using on your profile and how are they affecting the visitor's perception of you?

Words to Use More Of

When it comes to online dating, positive words perform the best when it at attracting other users. Usually, words that portray an outgoing picture are better received, although you shouldn't paint a fake image if you are not exactly extroverted. You however have to bear that in mind and use it as a guide to how you should present yourself.

Some words to use more of include: ambitious, tolerant, honest, creative, energetic, approachable, friendly, intelligent, witty, fun, artistic, independent, open-minded, jovial, compassionate, thoughtful, and adventurous. 

Looking at these words, you will find that they all paint a positive image of the person in question. It doesn't even matter what kind of person someone is looking for- those words are universally appealing. Who doesn't want a creative person or an ambitious one?

Be a Little Elaborate

But this is only the start. Imagine if everyone simply dumped a list to positive words on the internet, how boring and unstimulating would such a profile be? These words are simply the strings that will hold a powerful positive profile together. You have to be more elaborate than that and show your uniqueness. 

Instead of simply saying you are passionate, go further and show what you are passionate about. Instead of just saying you are creative, explain whether you’re a creative guitar player, painter, writer, etc.

Words to Avoid

Just like there are positive words, there are negative ones as well. In fact, some are not just negative but are powerfully so. Having these might be doing a great job of keeping potential mates away, which of course is not what anyone wants.

Some words to avoid include shy, lazy, unusual, weird, cynical, lonely, awkward, aloof, sarcastic, mean, heartless, cold-hearted, mediocre, blunt, aimless, misfit.

Some of these words are not exactly negative, but they show that the owner of the profile has a very low opinion of themselves. Who wants to be with an insecure person?

On the Fence Words

Some words are neither positive nor negative in themselves but can be a gamble. If someone dislikes you for them, they will dislike you really. If they do like you for them they will like you hard. These are polarising words that can go either way. 

Yes, it is important to be precise in your presentation of yourself but using these on the fence words should be kept to a minimum. Some of them include: emotional, eccentric, radical, sassy, spiritual, intense, kinky, busy, stubborn, reserved, loud, [insert political affiliation], pragmatic, etc.

Other Things to Consider

Your choice of words in not all there is to it. Other aspects of your profile like grammar, sentence construction, spelling, etc., play a serious role as well. Terrible grammar will make people click back faster than they came. It is generally repulsive, and when it comes to online dating, it shows you are not serious. Always proofread your profile and if possible, find someone to go through it for you. You could also find a professional to capture your personality in all its glory in just a few lines.

The tone of your writing affects the aura your profile gives off as well. With just your writing, people can pick up your personality just from the tone. 

A short profile that shows no effort at all indicates, perhaps, that you do not take the dating game seriously. You can also appear overly serious and rigid like some drill instructor if your tone is too formal. The best is to write in a relaxed manner with a little infusion of humour if possible. 

Remember to keep it short as well. It is not a biography.