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Three Financial Areas Successful Couples Pay Attention To

Like it or not money will be a huge factor in your relationship. When not handled properly it can be the stone on which your relationship fall and shatters. In fact, a SunTrustBank study in 2015 concluded that finances are the number one reason most relationships fail. Is there an approach you could use that could help preserve your relationship on the financial front? There are several things that successful relationships do with their finances that sets them apart.

The most important thing is to never let things find their own path. Each one should make an effort to create the most conducive financial atmosphere for both of you. The way you handle money as a couple should be deliberate and leaving the issue to chance might mean disaster. Here are some areas where you can cultivate successful financial handling as a couple.

Spending Habits

Study after study has proved that bad spending habits, or even grossly unbalanced spending habits, are a major source of conflict in relationships in the financial department. To be precise, it was found that 70 percent of all couples go through money disagreements. This is not strange in any way since everyone is brought up with different attitudes towards money which results in good and bad spending habits. But the problem is so serious that researchers have named it as the strongest indicator of whether a couple will divorce or stay together.

It is impossible to point out how every couple should handle money; it is different for everyone. There are some that do pretty fine with their finances separate from one another’s. But for some, this would mean they are not in a real relationship.

The problem is that couples do not adequately discuss these issues. It is unhealthy to proceed for years in a relationship without defining your financial interactions. The only time people do this is if they have a goal they have to work together on, for example when children come along.

It is however necessary to map out all the important rules about money to avoid financial stress in your relationship. It will also help you approach shared goals better. Each one has different values. Both should learn about the other’s then try to find common ground.

Credit Scores

Later on in your relationship, it will become importance of credit scores as a financial factor in your relationship may become apparent with time. Most people are not aware, for example, that your partner’s unconducive credit score could affect you loan application as a couple. Your partner’s poor credit score can be the reason your loan application as a coupe is rejected, or if you are at least lucky the amount you can get reduced significantly.

The coming of comprehensive credit reporting has made it easy to mess your credit score without realising so. Some people are not aware that small mistakes can deal serious blows to their score. Things like late settlement of bills might seem trivial but when considered will lower your score.

Most people go to great lengths to maintain a strong credit rating and would not want their borrowing capacity damaged because of their partner’s poor financial decisions. In one study, over 70 percent said a partner with poor budgeting and spending habits is a turn-off.


It is a great idea to have a joint savings account and be honest and open concerning each other's money spending habits to be on the same wavelength. It is easy to feel your partner needn't know all the details of your spending, but that could prove to be a death trap for your relationship. Unfortunately, many Australians do this. Many own a secret credit card and spend money without the other person’s knowledge.

Retail and entertainment are some of the biggest areas couples are likely to spend money without the knowledge of their partner. The problem does not lie in having a separate spending stream; that is perfectly alright. The issue is with not telling your partner what is going on which can eat at your relationship with time.

In fact, it is a good idea to have a joint savings account but still have personal money that can be spent separately but with the full knowledge of the other person.