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What to Wear on a First Date

After all the messaging back and forth between you and some guy you think might be Mr. right, you come to a point where you feel things need to progress. It’s your first date and you are anxious, as might be expected because this is a major tipping point in your attempts at getting yourself a new partner. It marks the transition from virtual interaction through online messages, to something more physical, the platform upon which your hopes for a relationship will come to fruition, or crash as if on cold cement.

First Impression

Granted, your potential mate has some sort of idea as to what kind of person you might be, your first date represents your first true chance to make a solid, lasting impression in your potential partner. One of the biggest factors on which his judgment about you will hinge is your dressing. You will not get another chance to make a first impression, so here are 5 tips to make sure you dress just right.

1. Be comfortable

This tip has come first because ultimately, you have to be as comfortable as you possibly can. If any rule or tip makes you uncomfortable, drop it. The point is to be yourself, and see if this person will fall in love with who you really are.

Wear something that will allow you to be relaxed throughout.  Make sure you won't need to be constantly adjusting any part of your outfit during your conversation as this will be distracting. Of course, you shouldn't adjust yourself in front of your date. Excuse yourself and do it from the ladies' room. But still, this can be distracting.

2. Don’t be too skimpy

Don’t be too generous with the reveal. For the first few dates as you get to know each other, wear outfits that show little skin. Leave something to the imagination and don’t let it all go at once. While being as skimpy as you want could be a sign that you are confident with your body, that might not be the only message it sends. Someone may also interpret that as being trashy and show themselves to the door out of your life before they’ve even fully entered.

3. Match your outfit with the type of date

You obviously know what kind of date you are going to right from the start. Is it a movie? Is it coffee? Dinner at some high-end restaurant? You would do well to match your outfit with the nature of your date. Showing up in some serious high-maintenance outfit to a simple laid back coffee joint will make you stick out like a sore thumb, you will feel as awkward as a sore thumb, and no one wants to be with a sore thumb. This could also be you wearing something overly casual when you are supposed to be a little more serious.

4. Avoid wearing new clothes if you can

You might think, first date, and so let me find an all-new outfit. That may be a good idea, but the potential for it being a bad one can’t be ignored. The problem with new clothes or shoes is that you are not used to being in them, and deep down, you will be wondering whether they are okay or not. Wear something you have actually tried and are sure you look good in. You need to be sure it fits well, and the color and style look good on you.

This does not only mean new outfits as in fresh from the store but also piece combinations you are not familiar with. Forget the latest trend. You may end up appearing overly ambitious in your attempts to dress to kill.

It’s also important not to deviate from your style. Everyone has certain types of outfits that look well on them. Be sure to use yours.

5. Don’t use too much makeup

Take your time in front of your dressing mirror and apply your makeup as well as you can. This will show that you actually invested in the date; it shows that you take this as something important and he will notice. The caveat is not to over-do it. Too much of it will be distracting -moderation is key.