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When to Put a Label on Your Relationship

Relationships evolve through different stages and if things are to last, each transition should be something both people are happy to make. Should anyone feel pushed or dragged, trouble awaits somewhere ahead.

One of these stages is the labelling stage aka the ‘what are we stage’. You meet this person, go on a date, and another, and pretty soon you are spending a whole lot of time together. But as the days roll on, you constantly begin to wonder what you are.

In truth, if you find yourself in dire need of a label, it is a sign that things aren’t well-oiled. Usually, when one demands to know what the other person thinks they are in, the relationship is unbalanced and one is insecure.

A label, though, is still necessary at some point for clarity's sake. To make sure you are not rushing things, here are some signs it's time for an official label.

1. Your connection with them feels secure

A time comes when you no longer feel the need to be glued to the phone wondering why they are not returning your text. You are so secure with them that you do not feel the need to scrutinise every little detail.

2. You are constantly thinking about each other

It might also be time to slide to the next stage if both of you find yourselves thinking about the other person often. Whenever there is a need for a plus one, they are the one that always come to mind. It is a sign that you have naturally grown connected with each other and a name might be natural.

3. You've had disagreements and always felt the need to sort them out, and were able to

This is one of the biggest tests. Have you had some real disagreements but still managed to work through them? It is a sign you’ve come to know each other on a deeper level. You have built your communication skills to a point where you are able to resolve any issues and still keep going strong.

4. Meeting new potential mates just doesn’t make sense

If you are really at a stage where it is right to put a label on your relationship, going on dates with new people is no longer appealing. Even if you try connecting with new potential mates, it just doesn’t feel right and you keep on thinking about the other person.

5. They are happily talking about you with their family

Things are really going well if both of you are excited to talk about each other with your families and close friends. It means more boundaries are breaking and you are both ready to involve the other person in your lives more.

6. The more you know them, the more you want to be with them

If you find yourself only getting attracted to them even after spending much time with them and finding out more details about them, it's a sign you can progress to putting a name on your relationship.

7. You find yourself caring about their life

You are genuinely interested in their affairs. You want to find out how their day went and if there is anything new they have to share. Their future begins to interest you and you genuinely want them to succeed. 

8. You are not scared to commit

Commitment scares the heck out of people because it means being bound to someone that might turn out unideal at the end of the day. But if you find yourself sure about committing to your partner, go right ahead and put a name on it. 

9. You consider them when making life decisions

Someone you are ready to have a labelled, serious relationship with will always come to mind when you are making serious decisions about your future. They may not be a serious factor, but at least you will think about them and consider them in your life-altering decisions 

You should be careful not to come off as insecure when bringing up the name labelling, though. These signs will tell you whether it’s time to have one. Giving your relationship a label is such a big change. It will bring up all sorts of unspoken expectations and you will feel the pressure to act a certain way. Don't push for it unless it’s the most natural thing to do.