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Why Is Online Dating the Present and the Future?

In just two decades, online dating has risen from being a shunned tool used only by those deemed to be social failures, to being a normal part of the modern social construct. It is now used by people of all ages from teens to older retirees, and, one might add, with considerable success. There is room for people of all sorts of religion, ethnicities, marital past, sexual orientation, and social classes. There are some conditions that have made online dating triumph against the initial opposition it faced. Still skeptical about online dating? Here are 5 reasons why it is the way to go now and tomorrow.

1.    Everything is Online Today

The internet has permeated all spheres of today’s life. Almost 90 percent of Americans have access to the internet and they can now learn, shop and get entertainment all from a browsing device. If all these things can be done online, it is only natural for online dating to follow suit. The widespread availability of internet has been accompanied by a rapid development of technology both in devices and software. A lot of intuitive software that makes dating easier and more attractive has and continues to be developed. 

2.    Mobile Access

People are far busier today than ever. Especially for those that are working, it is hard to find time to dedicate to an activity like finding a date. Whole days are spent at the office and by the time people are getting home, they are dead tired. Since online dating can be done from mobile devices on the go, it has proved to be a perfect solution to this hurdle. You can respond to messages, browse profiles while at work during lunch break and set up meets for the weekend.

3.    Easy to Switch Between People

You may have to meet a number of people before you can find the right one, and that comes with an investment of time. With online dating, you are able to get a glimpse into someone first from the profile then through messages without investing much time and energy. Their profile will show you their interests and priorities before you even meet. That's your first filter. You second filter will be your messages and wit these, you will be able to judge further if this person is a potential match. If not, you simply move to another without wasting time.

4.    Targeted Dating

Internet dating has made it easy for people looking for particular types of partners. There are different categories of people with shared interests, marital statuses, ethnicities, and other things like professions. In the traditional setup, finding people with particular attributes was difficult but today, a few clicks will lead you to a large pool of your target people. Dating websites take this even further with match-making. Website algorithms are able to suggest possible matches depending on your profile significantly reduces the time you would spend browsing through profiles.

5.     Access to More People

The number of people you can meet online is far much bigger than what you get offline. You have access to people in places you otherwise would find it hard to reach. It can be hard to meet new people especially if you have exhausted the offerings of your workplace and whatever social circles you might be a member of. With online dating the options are endless.

7.    Less Involving

Not everyone is good at meeting people, introducing themselves and holding conversations. But that is a very important part of traditional dating and if you are without any discernible social skills, you are in tough luck. Internet dating takes away so much weight from the whole process. Instead of actually going out there spending time trying to meet someone you may not even have the courage or skills to talk to, sending a message is a whole lot easier. This is a game-changing alternative especially for those with social anxiety.

8. Intentions Are Known

Traditionally, there is a lot of guesswork involved in finding a partner. You never know what their intentions are until well into the relationship. If, say, you are looking for marriage, it is possible to waste your time with someone who is after something more casual. With online dating, people specify what they want so everyone knows what is going on from the word go. There are people specifically looking for casual encounters, marriage, etc., and this is all on their profile.