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Why You Would Want to Date an Older Woman

People are becoming more tolerable these days and are embracing ideas that were not so popular earlier. One of these is the idea of dating an older woman. Not one or two years older; we are talking significantly more advanced in age, say twenties against upper thirties and forties. Things don't just become popular unless there is some advantage, be it real or simply imagined.

Here are 5 reasons it may make perfect sense to date an older woman.

She has a Life

An older woman will usually have will things established and running before you get into her life. You can expect her to have her own career, her own residence, and she will be making her own cash. A woman who can still keep her life going without a man's presence can be attractive to most men. There are very few clingy older women who will instantly make you the very air they breathe the moment your relationship is on.

While she wants to be with you, she can still do well by herself and doesn't need you. With all the things she has seen in life, a marriage perhaps, a couple of relationships, a series of ups and downs, she knows she can deal with anything and won't feel like the earth would stop spinning if she didn't have a boyfriend. You are not there to shape her life, give her an identity, or help her find herself. Her present or future is not rooted in you; she has one and you have your own. All she wants is to share with you.

She Knows What She Wants

Older women know what they want and will show it from the start. She will be up-front about it no matter what department you are dealing with: sex, finances, etc. The younger ones may have a laundry list of things they would like to see in a man.  Most of these are unrealistic aspirations based on their utopian version of reality. But by the time she is older, experience has shown her what she should expect, what's important, and what's a sheer waste of time. In most cases, she will have a marriage under her belt, or at least some serious relationships. At this point, most are only looking for a good man.

She Is Not Influenced by a Group

Younger women tend to belong to a pack or herd. In most cases, that's a very important part of their lives and they will not as much as change the colour of their lipstick without any influence from their peers. If you are dating one of them, you are dating all of them behind the scenes. That text you got, especially when things were just starting? Let's just say it had many co-authors. Even when things are finally rolling, she may check with her friends before doing anything significant. Older women do have circles of friends but they definitely don't need their approval before they can move an inch with you.

Expect Little Social Media Drama

Like it or not, Facebook, Instagram and other digital social hubs are important parts of the lives of young ladies today. Your relationships will definitely have some of its roots on Facebook. You have to consider it as some kind of virtual control room from which your relationship boat may sail safely to shore or run into an iceberg. That photo of your ex you liked? Well, it will show up in her news feed and she will be pissed off: openly or secretly. Older non-millennial ladies will likely not care about your Facebook or Instagram. Changing your relationship status on Facebook may not be a big deal, but for a younger woman who was weaned online, this may be the subject of exhausting drama, enough to give you a few chapters worth of fodder for your next book in the relationship genre.

You Will Become a Better Person

She is older than you. She has dealt with more people, seen more places, and has had more experiences than you. She will definitely make you a better person. You will know what really matters in a relationship without the superficial drama you would get from the younger ones. There will be drama alright, but it will be meaningful and definitely won't be the result of an Instagram like you gave or did not give. Whether the relationship is for life or just momentary, you will become a better man at the end of it all.