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Dating in today’s world is all about choice.  No longer are we satisfied with taking pot luck and going on a few dates hoping that it leads to something good.  We want more insight into a potential interest before ever considering the whole date situation.

Free Dating America is a totally free online dating site that gives you that choice.  You can browse profiles of singles in Boston MA and throughout the USA with the idea in mind of what sort of person you are looking for.  You can match the values and characteristics you desire in a date from the plentiful online profiles or you can simply browse and see what sparks your interest. The beauty is that you get to decide who you want to connect with.

Matchmaking tools and multiple search categories make online dating a simple and easy way to meet others in a relatively short period of time.  Our live chat option which is available 24/7 makes the ‘getting to know you’ stage even easier.

With our free dating sites all over America you can choose near or far in your search for that someone who is just right for you.  Why not start with dating in Detroit, the oldest city in the Midwest.