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Ever been out on a date with someone you met at a bar because they seemed nice, or you reluctantly agreed to go on a blind date suggested by your co-worker because you were assured you’d enjoy it, only to find out on the date that you really don’t have anything in common?

It goes something like this.  You make an effort to wear just the right thing to make a good first impression, you’re exhausted after a hard day’s work and like most of us your spare time is precious, but you head out anyway with optimism in your heart and an open mind.  You get to dinner and start finding out about each other and that gets you past the entrée.  Dinner’s not even served and you already realize you have nothing in common and this is not going well.

Time, money and effort wasted and you still have to sit through at least dinner if you don’t want to appear rude. At Free Dating America we want to give you the opportunity to get past that get-to-know you stage before you even step a foot out the door and consider going on a first date.  It’s like streamlining the dating process.

If you like the sound of this and would like to connect with others in Sacramento’s dating community and throughout the USA then online dating is likely what you’ve been looking for.

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